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Ghost stories!!!

Tell us about some paranormal experiences you've had!!

Here's a few to start:

- One time, right before I was about to go onstage for a show, I felt a hand touch the back of my neck. I turned around and the only person in the room was my co-star, who was all the way on the other side of the place. No clue what it was.

- Was filming in my grandparents house when I was about thirteen, and I was totally alone in their creepy cellar, trying to do a ghost hunt. At the time I remember clearly that I didn't say anything, but when you play the tape back you can hear a voice that sounds like it whispers "Get ya, Mike." Pretty creepy.

- Me and some friends were doing a ghost hunt in 2001 in Ohio at an old bed and breakfast, and the owner told us how much the ghost hated loud music. He started blaring an old record player, and about two minutes later, a large light post right in front of us started moving quickly. It would've made sense if it started moving right away, but the fact that it took so long to start moving made me think it might of been a pissed off ghost. Shortly after that we were down in the basement and my friend turned off the basement light, we walked up to the kitchen, and noticed light shining through the register from downstairs. Someone had turned the light back on in the basement right after we left (the only other person in the house was the owner, and he was asleep). Freaked us out.

More to come hopefully!!!!




One time I was in my bedroom and I thought I heard someone call my name, went outside and all of my cupboards in my kitchen were open, and I'm positive I didn't leave them all open before. Pretty crazy.

Keep up the good work guys!! Love the show, wish you were on TV!!!!


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